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Google Asia Pacific Blog | How India knocked mobile for a six

We all know that cricket is very important to India. But here's a chart that shows why India's love of cricket is important to our understanding of the world's Internet and, also, how the Internet is changing.

It shows what devices Indians used to make cricket-related searches during a single match from this year's two-month-long tournament — India vs. Pakistan on February 15:
Over the space of the chart an average of 78% of cricket-related queries came from mobile. In comparison, 48% of searches from Australia during the Australia v. England match came from mobile.

This reflects two things.  First, it shows just how hungry Indian cricket fans are for in-the-moment, on-the-spot information on everything from their favorite players' hairstyle to where they can get fireworks to celebrate a win. Second, this shows just how much the world's Internet is changing as more people in India and other emerging economies come online for the first time through their smartphones, setting new trends on how to use the Internet and in some senses leaving more developed markets, and their old desktop-based habits, behind.

If you want to read more insights from the world cup, please take a look at the larger study on our Asian edition of Think With Google, aimed at giving marketers and businesses better insights into how to reach and serve people in the world's fastest growing region.

Posted by Simon Kahn, Chief Marketing Officer, Google Asia Pacific

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