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Google Asia Pacific Blog | Keeping an EYE out for Hong Kong's mobile startups

Last year we worked with hundreds of budding entrepreneurs in Hong Kong with our Empowering Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Program together with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). We enjoyed it so much, that we're doing it again this time, adding Cyberport and KPMG as key partners for the program. Since the average Hong Konger has 2.7 internet-enabled devices on the go, this time around we're going to place a special focus on mobile.
We want this program to further "The 2% Mission" that CUHK has identified in their new report, "Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons".

The report identified a few key things that businesses, investors, governments and schools can do to help entrepreneurs and startups. They include shaking social conventions that often mean friends discourage entrepreneurs from taking risks, funeling more of Hong Kong's institutional investments into local startups, investing more in R&D and helping entrepreneurs to find mentors and supporters, not just investors and brokers. According to the report, by giving just 2% of startups in Hong Kong that kind of extra support, it would create:
  • 333,800 new jobs
  • 11,480 new high-potential startups
  • 7,800 new IP applications
  • and 0.24% GDP (which is one-third of what Hong Kong now spends on research and development per year)

over the next four years.

As the report highlights, this is a mission which requires the startup and business communities, investors, educators and the government to work closely together. Google are proud to play a part in this, and we call on others to join us in transforming Hong Kong's startup scene.

If you're a home-grown startup with a creative idea around using mobile technologies, please visit the EYE Program site to learn more and sign up now.

Posted by Dominic Allon, Managing Director of Google Hong Kong

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