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Google Asia Pacific Blog - Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines: Search trends scorecard

So, Manny lost. Mayweather won. Have we learned anything? We took a post-game trawl through Google Trends to find out what, if any significance, we can take from the fight.

Pizza goes well with boxing

Searches for Jollibee and Pizza spiked just before the match began, and went up again after the decision came.

Live venues and livestream

Searches for cinemas were strong throughout the Saturday before the match, as people hunted for public locations to watch the game. In the hour before the event, however, people furiously looked for livestreams of the game.

People are looking to history and for allies of Manny

Filipinos looked up Rocky Marciano as Floyd Mayweather Jr. got a step closer to beating his record. They also were interested in celebrities who supported Manny (Jimmy Kimmel) or were surprised that the judges favored Mayweather.

There's always the NBA

Even though Manny Pacquiao can shut down a country every time he plays, his country doesn't extend that interest to his sport as a whole. Even with an enormous spike in search interest on Sunday, search interest in the NBA was actually larger over the past 7 days than in boxing.

Posted by Gail Tan, Country Communications Manager, Philippines.

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