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Google Asia Pacific Blog - Pacquiao v. Mayweather: The search for a winner

One of the most hotly anticipated fights in history is nearly here. Who knows who will win in the ring. But in search...?

It's too close to call.

When it comes to search, they both beat out David Beckham, Christiano Ronoldo and Usain Bolt. And though Pacquiao is the only of the two fighters to beat their country's national leader in searches, Mayweather isn't nearly as far behind in terms of search interest in the Philippines as Pacquiao is in the U.S.

Focusing in on Asia, it's no surprise that Pacquiao gets more search interest than Mayweather in the Philippines, but there are quite a few other places where, over the past year, Manny's garnered more search interest than Floyd. (If you get out a magnifying glass, you'll see that Macau is indeed shaded blue).
We also had a look at how search interest in the two fighters compared over the past year in other areas as well.

And finally, both fighters can take comfort in the fact that when it comes to the categories of Floyds and Mannys, they've both attracted far more search interest than their nearest competing namesakes. It's a decent fight when it comes to Floyds:
But no contest when it comes to Mannys:
Now that we've settled that, all that's left is for the fighters themselves to settle it in the ring.

Posted by Robin Moroney, Communications Manager

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